• DUAL Passive Probe Adapter

The DUAL Passive adapter lets you keep two passive devices like the Passive Probes (32309/32310) connected at the same time.

Note: The PTS/Passive probe adapter has the identical circuit and the Dual Passive probe adapter which is now used as a replacement.

You will plug one probe into the PTS plug and the other into the Probe plug

Aluminum enclosure.

Will save your probe if you forget to switch the plug.

No need to go to settings page when switching between Passive Probes or other Passive devices.

Just plug the adapter into the mill and the Probes or Tool Setters into the adapter.

Super Bright LED indicators light when either of the probes are tripped.

LED's can be used for very fast XYZ Zero operations.

No change of dimensions. Switch time is less than 3ms thru adapter.

Not compatible with the Tormach PCNC440

Installation Manual


Supported Models
PCNC 1100® Yes
PCNC 770® Yes
PCNC 440® No

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DUAL Passive Probe Adapter

  • $99.95

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