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The MillFast Micro Enclosure gives you the ability to quickly set up a shield to help control coolant and chips.  The enclosure is especially helpful to control chips while face milling.

The enclosure is a three piece set with one center panel and two side panels with two flexible hinges.

You can mount one hinge in each direction and have the ability to fold up the enclosure for easy storage.

This Micro Enclosure is fitted to go around the Kurt 3600V 6 inch vice. If you would like to have a Micro enclosure without the vice cutout or a special design please contact me here and let me know.

This enclosure is designed to help control chips and coolant but is not to be used as a safety shield of any kind.

Panels are made from 1/4" Lexan and are 14" X 11" each.

Supported Models
PCNC 1100® Yes
PCNC 770® Yes
PCNC 440® Yes

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Micro Enclosure for Kurt 3600V 6" vice

  • $69.95