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The Passive Tool Setter is an economy minded tool setter designed to be compatible with Tormach® and other CNC mills.

If you require more accuracy please see the Tormach® ETS Tool Setter (31875) here.

The Passive Tool Setter gives you the ability to measure your tooling without the need of an external tool measuring device.

The Passive Tool Setter uses a Normally Closed (NC) circuit rather than the Normally Open (NO) circuit that is used with most other Tool Setters.

This Tool Setter can be used with at the same time as the Tormach® Passive Probe with one of the MillFast Products PTS/Passive adapters part # ETS-PR1 or ETS-PR1-440 (PCNC440).

The Tool Setter has an adjustable base giving the ability to zero out measuring surface to >0.001 if desired.

Since this is an economy tool setter MillFast Products is rating the tool setters repeatability and accuracy as <0.002 inch. 

Installation Manual

Operations Manual

Calibration Manual

Supported Models
PCNC 1100® Yes
PCNC 770® Yes
PCNC 440® Yes

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Passive Tool Setter

  • $199.95

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